Giovale-Millis Lodge

The Giovale-Millis Lodge (GM Lodge) is the prime lodging facility for the Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT). It is located approximately 40 miles southeast of Flagstaff off N. Lake Mary Road (aka County Route 3) at MM 307 on the left-hand (east) side of the highway coming from Flagstaff. The access road to the lodge is via a red-colored "wagon wheel" locked gate.

The small silver key stamped "GM HS" opens the padlock to the gate (it is "daisy chained"" with several other locks). The key also works the front and back doors of the lodge.

The GM Lodge has 3 bedrooms, two on the first floor ("Rubin" room and "Tombaugh" room) and one on the second floor ("Douglass" room). Each bedroom has one queen bed and one roll-away. The living room sofa can be pulled out into a full-size bed to offer additional accommodation as needed. The upstairs "Douglass" bedroom has a private bathroom with shower, but no toilet; the two downstairs bedrooms share a second bathroom with shower and toilet. The GM Lodge was completely renovated in 2011 and is fully equipped with newly-remodeled kitchen, dining area, living room, and covered wooden porch. Wi-Fi satellite internet access is also available.

Giovale-Millis Lodge

Mars Hill Lodge

The newly designated Mars Hill Lodge (MHL) is a single story residence situated above the main entrance road near the southeast end of the Lowell Observatory campus.

The MHL has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Bedrooms #1 and #2 each have two twin beds and can accommodate two persons in each room.   Bedrooms #3 and #4 each have one twin bed and can accommodate one person in each room.  Bedroom #1 has its own private bathroom.  The second bathroom is shared by guests staying in the other bedrooms.

The MHL is fully furnished with a comfortable living room, a dining area with table/chairs that seat up to 8 persons, fully equipped kitchen, outside wooden deck, and wireless internet access.

Mars Hill Lodge


The Chalet

The Chalet is a two story residence located at the northwest end of Lowell Observatory campus near the top of the "Infinity Walk." 

The Chalet has a total of 4 bedrooms:  two on the second floor (Chalet A & B); and two on the first floor (Chalet C & D).  Each bedroom has two twin beds.  Chalet D is equipped with its own small kitchen.  The Chalet has two full bathrooms, both on the first floor.

The Chalet offers a comfortable living room, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, and wireless internet access.